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Sri Datta Universal Technologies, the worlds hi-speed cnc routers manufacturers. & the best service providers in the world. We create.. others imitate…
      we can proudly say that we are creators, because we are well experienced in, Commercial artists , Graphic Designers, Genuine Service. Ramesh Vemula the founder of Sri Datta Universal Technologies had intrested in the Science and Technology from the childhood and had done many experiments. He is good artist from the early age without any guidence.From  1990 he was in Commercial Art Works, Scientfic works while he was studying. From Childhood  he had a strong desire that he has to do something or the  other which is not done by anyone. i.e,a new aspect of Science and Technology and in ArtWork. With this  storng desire, by doing many R&Ds,at that time even he had dont know about the CNC, he has Converted A Vinyl Cutting Plotter to 2D Engraver for Stone, Acrylic,and Glass. One day he happend to See a CNC Router in Sign Exhibition, He was highly impressed by seeing that Machine. But he observed that the Exhibitors also unable to Execute  that machine properly for Door Carving (2002). After this he had studied about all the problems of CNC at that time such as lack of Proper Designing, Proper Usage etc.. Thus he had invented new Methods and huge number of Techniques of using CNC Routers after purchasing a CNC Router. and now he is the base for all the members in this field and all they are using his methods and are benefited. But they dont know that he (Ramesh) is the source for those methods. Even though, The CNC Router’s Speed was too low and not finishing in time. Again he also made some more Mechanical changes but there is no high noticeable changes.  By Keeping all Bad Experiences he had experienced in his mind, he had Manufactured a CNC Router with his own Developed Mechanical Technology.

   From 2009 Sri Datta Universal Technologies (UniTech) Started Manufacturing High Speed CNC Routers for Wood Carving professionally. According to our Product users feed back from all over the world,  we are happy for that our Wood Carving CNC Routers are High Speed in the World. By using our CNC Routers and satisfying User’s Customers, we are very happy to hear that.

     Many customers had bought the Products (High Price at Low Quality) from who do not know the meaning of CNC (Computer Numerical Controller) & Making Cash, faced many problems due to lack of Technical back Suport, and came to us and expressed their problems. Previously we already Faced the problem of Lack of Prpper technical Support and genuine Service. So we aspired that our customers should not face that type of Painful problems regarding any Service & Support. So..providing the best service and support is the major thing. We are always providing service to Victim Customers.
We are not sales oriented, Selling machines is not a matter, running succsessfully with out any problems ultimately is Mazor thing.
THE ONE AND ONLY COMPANY THAT PROVIDES ALL THE GENUINE, Service,.Price, Best Performed Products, Chiplevel service,24hrs Availblityof  Spare parts and Consuamble things, designing and Training, and much more  needed by the customer at under one Roof is our   “SRI DATTA UNIVERSAL TECHNOLOGIES".
We can assure strongly that, by following our instructions and guiding principles, no customer will face any problem. We can solve any problem within few minutes only, because professionals in this field.
                       We would like to hope that you make compare diffrence between others and Us, in all Aspects
   By using our products  and having the benifits from us, give  a chance to prove ourselves as Genue infront of you.